Dental Trauma

Use OraChill for powerful post procedural relief

Drug Free

Toothaches, tissue inflammation & swelling reductions without narcotics

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Orthodontic Braces

Powerfully effective braces pain managment

Fast Relief

Adolescents and adults with braces will appreciate. click button here to learn more...

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Free Orachill

Have you recently been diagnosed with Cancer?

Side effects of Chemotherapy

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Migraines & TMJ

Clinical studies suggest that oral cryotherapy is effective at reducing Maxillofacial discomfort

Powerfully Effective

The direct relief therapeutics exclusive to OraChill soothe these inflamed facial nerves that cause TMJ, grinding and Migraine /Tension Type headaches pain

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Cryogenic Relief
in six minutes!

New patented COLD TRANSFER therapeutic dental mouthpiece is now available to the public

Orachill is world's 1st patented, FDA approved oral pain relieving device to harness the powerful effect of extreme cold (cryogenic) therapy for oral pain. Originally developed as GumEase in Letterkenny Ireland, this unique "cold transfer" application is now made in the USA. A consumer pain management product is available to anyone suffering oral, dental and maxillofacial discomfort.

OraChill is fast acting, side effect free, diverse in its uses and is unlike anything available in the market today. Each pack includes 3 OraChill mouthpieces. Simply store in your home freezer and apply when needed for fast relief of toothaches, orthodontic braces adjustments, denture irritation, post procedural dental trauma, TMJ, Migraine / Tension headaches. OraChill has recently been proven beneficial with reducing the pain of side effect of chemotherapy mouth ulcers.

OraChill is like an ice pack for your mouth!