About Oral Cryotherapy 

Ice cold wellness products LLC introduces OraChill. The worlds first patented oral cryo-therapy mouthpiece proven effective at reducing oral, dental & maxillofacial pain. OraChill, a modernization of the revolutionary GumEase mouthpiece originally developed in 2007. OraChill is made for the American consumer and available as an OTC (over the counter) general purpose drug free therapeutic product. Domestically sourced medical grade raw materials and improved manufacturing techniques improve the core features that made the GumEase so revolutionary for its time. The therapeutic effects exclusive to our patented, exquisitely engineered design in functionality put OraChill the dominant oral cryo-therapy product on the market today GumEase

OraChill is the ONLY product on the market today that can achieve the powerful dental pain block known as oral “Cryo-Anesthesia”. OraChill is safe, powerfully effective and affordable to anyone suffering from temporary oral discomfort…

GumEase Retail Package: 2008

GumEase sold as a “stand alone” alternative to traditional hypodermic injection delivered anesthesia medicine used in modern dentistry. Manufactured by Phillips Medisize in Letterkenny Ireland beginning in 2007 and discontinued in 2010. GumEase was a creation ahead of its time. (See GumEase video here )

Our Story

In 2014, co-founder Joey Santurro set out to reintroduce the amazing GumEase mouthpiece to the American consumer as a general all purpose therapeutic pain reliever. Santurro partnered with medical device developer Greg VanSkiver to rebrand the GumEase mouthpiece for the American consumer. In 2019, the brand family of OraChill products has grown to include OraChill Junior and OraChill Migraine-X.

Ice cold wellness products LLC and OraChill is focused on pressing its message of promoting the improvement of oral health initiatives in the US and beyond. We’re passionate about the benefits unique with oral cryotherapy and OraChill products. OraChill belongs in every freezer.

We pledge FREE ORACHILL to CANCER patients who submit a written request through our website, simply the pay shipping.


OraChill Founder Joe Santurro