Below is an official GUMEASE FAQ from 2007

FAQ – gumEase® G10

Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (Q & A)

1. Q. What is the G100?

A. The gumEase© G100 is a single use stand alone cryo-analgesic device that will revolutionize dental anesthesia. It virtually eliminates the use of drugs and needles. It uses cold to stop pain from being transmitted to the brain.

2. Q. How does it work?

A. The frozen G100 is placed in the mouth. This allows the G100 to sufficiently cool the alveolar nerve to the point where it stops transmitting pain.

3. Q. How is it applied?

A. The frozen G100 is placed in the mouth in the upper and the lower labial sulci and allowed to cool approximately four (2) minutes or until the patient indicates that the unit feels warm. A second unit is applied and allowed to cool the patient’s mouth. At that time the dentist determines if the patient is anesthetized to begin his/her procedures. Additional units may be applied as necessary.

4. Q. How many G100s are needed for each procedure?

A. Two units are usually sufficient for most dental procedures. Much like traditional drug anesthesia, additional units may be required depending on the patient.

5. Q. What kind of procedures does it work on?

A. The G100 is recommended for:
- Cleaning
- Deep Cleaning
- Scaling
- Caries (fillings)
- Crowns
- Extractions
- Root Canals

It is also recommended for use by Orthodontists for adjusting braces and aftercare. Dental Hygienists may use the G100 without the presence of the dentist for all their treatments and the complete cleaning can be completed in one office visit because all four quadrants of the patient’s mouth will be anesthetized .

6. Q. Are there any kinds of procedures for which the G100 is not recommended?

A. Although it has on occasion been successfully used on fully erupted third molars, it is not generally recommended for wisdom teeth. It is also not recommended for dental surgery. The G500 which is currently in the development stage is expected to be available for dental surgery.

7. Q. What equipment is required in the dental office to permit the use of the G100? A. The G100 is a standalone device. The only special equipment needed is an inexpensive (medical grade) freezer.

8. Q. What does the G100 cost?

A. Our suggested retail cost to the dentist is currently $8 each.

9. Q. What is the advantage of using the G100 instead drugs?

A. The patient prefers and will probably demand it because it eliminates the pain and trauma of needles and drugs, reduces time spent in the dentist’s offices, eliminates “numb mouth” and the risk of adverse drug reaction.
The dentist enjoys greater patient satisfaction and reduced costs due to reduced chair time; virtual elimination of drugs, needles, sharp boxes and disposal costs, no risk of patient drug reactions; or infection of staff by accidental sticking with infected needles.

10 Q. How can I get the G100?

A. You should be able to obtain it very soon from a local distributor. Ask him/her when they will have it available. We just received FDA approval on November 6, 2007 so it may take a little time. They may be purchased in the interim by ordering directly from our website at

11. Q. What material is the G100 made of?

A. It is made of NoDOP PVC containing a saline solution. It is irradiated to assure sterility..

12.Q. Why does the G100 appear blue in most pictures and literature?

A. The original design of the G100 had the units in a blue color. It was later changed to the near colorless unit that is in production.