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Orthodontic Braces relief

Patented cryotherapy pain relief. Each pack of OraChill includes three (3) sky blue colored fluid filled mouthpieces. Simply prepare (store inside) a temperature controlled freeze in preparation of oral discomfort. Follow the use application instructions carefully.


Drug free orthodontic pain relief for kids and adults who prefer a smaller sized mouthpiece for braces pain

OraChillJunior” the same ice cold therapy as OraChill but with a slightly smaller mouthpiece. Popular with orthodontic patients and their parents. OraChill junior is a hit with anyone preferring a slightly smaller mouthpiece. It’s all about comfort! Junior Developed for anyone who may prefers the comfort of a slightly smaller mouthpiece. Each pack of Junior Junior features three(3) mouthpieces. Each mouthpiece comes in a mixed assortment of “fun” colors. Junioprovides the same powerful cold transfer therapeutics as needed OraChill.

Migraine headache pain relief

OraChill Migraine-X includes 5 red colored mouthpieces for an added extra Cryotherapy power. 2 extra mouthpieces are required for the therapeutic effect to reach higher up the maxillofacial nerves in the face. This results in a pain block is effective against migraine and tension type headaches. Migraine-X is also very effective with soothing discomfort from TMJ.


Drug free migraine & TMJ pain relief, OraChill MigraineX

5 Red colored mouthpiece system for TMJ and Migraine relief