Each pack of OraChill includes three (3) sky blue colored mouthpieces. Simply prepare (store inside) a temperature controlled freezer to keep in preparation of oral discomfort. Once needed, position the ice cold mouthpiece in direct contact with the upper/lower gum-line. Following use instructions carefully, hold the ice cold mouthpiece in place for 2 minutes. Quickly repeat the process for each additional mouthpiece for best results. Rotate each mouthpiece by rinsing with cool running water, RE-freeze and RE-apply as needed for continued side effect free, powerfully effective ice cold therapeutics.



OraChill Junior

OraChill “Junior” offers the same ice cold therapy as OraChill but with a slightly smaller mouthpiece. Packaged to appeal primarily to adolescents with orthodontic braces and their parents, Junior is for anyone who may prefer the comfort of a slightly smaller mouthpiece. A retail box of Junior features three (3) mouthpieces. Each mouthpiece features a mixed assortment of “fun” colors. Junior provides the same powerful cold transfer therapeutics as needed OraChill.

Safety Data, & Handling Instructions

  • Not recommended for children under 10 years of age.
  • WARNING: choking hazard
  • NOT a food product
  • For best results, mouthpiece must be applied to the gums at a minimum or 22 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Use care  when handling
  • Seek medical attention if oral pain persists longer the 72 hours
  • OraChill is for temporary relief of minor oral, dental and maxillary nerve inflammation/discomfort ONLY
  • Safe for use in conjunction with traditional pain relievers Please see additional terms & conditions here
  • NOT recommended for use as a “stand alone” alternative to traditional dental anesthesia medicines/methods
  • Rinse clean with cold running water. NOT dishwasher safe, use only mild detergent to sanitize mouthpiece
  • Exposure to extreme heat or microwave will damage mouthpiece
  • When handling OraChill grip, only the “W” shaped end cap with thumb and forefinger



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