Our Story

OraChill is pioneering an entirely new concept in the world of OTC consumer pain management with its innovative oral cryotherapy mouthpiece brand OraChill. An American reboot of revolutionary dental anesthesia device GumEase from Ireland launched in in the USA in 2007. The use benefits exclusive to OraChill Exist in its ability to achieve the powerful, drug free pain block known as oral “CRYO-ANESTHESIA”. GumEase was sold as a “stand alone” alternative to traditional hypodermic injection delivered anesthesia medicines used in modern dentistry. OraChill is GumEase. Unlike GumEase, OraChill is made for ANYONE who suffers oral discomfort and appreciates the narcotic free relief exclusive to OraChill cryogenic products. Now an “over the counter”, direct to consumer pain management innovation for everyone. Freeze and apply at home oral cryotherapy that works, without the dangers or side effects of traditional pain relievers.