The OraChill product line is comprised of three separate versions of our patented “cold transfer” therapeutic oral pain relieving mouthpiece. All 3 OraChill products have been customized to serve the diverse needs of the general consumer or ANYONE suffering from extreme oral pain & swelling.

1. OraChill:

Original OraChill includes three separate mouthpieces. Each colored “sky blue” to represent a notion of impending calm, cooling pain relief that’s 6 minutes away.

2. OraChill Junior

Junior” is a smaller version of original OraChill. Junior is packaged to appeal to adolescents with orthodontic braces. Junior offers a brand new, safe option to treat braces discomfort that parents will appreciate. OraChill Junior is NOT just for kids. Adults who find the smaller mouthpiece more comfortable then original OraChill are finding Junior their preferred OraChill product. Junior includes three separate mouthpieces. Each mouthpiece features a different mix of vibrant colors…


3. OraChill Migraine-T.M.J

Migraine-T.M.J is designed specifically to reduce the pain caused by a migraine & tension headache, along with T.M.J. Included are 2 additional mouthpieces compared to the 3 included in OraChill Original & Junior add the extra punch needed to soothe painful migraines. OraChill Migraine-T.M.J features 5 individual, purple colored mouthpieces…



  • Not recommended for children under 10 years of age.
  • WARNING: choking hazard
  • Do NOT sleep or with OraChill in position
  • OraChill is NOT a food product
  • To render an effective cold transfer pain block, each mouthpiece must be chilled to a minimum or 22 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Handle with care to extend the maximum number life cycle rotations.
  • Immediately discard broken or damaged OraChill and do Not attempt to repair mouthpiece
  • Warning: colored liquid contents MAY stain fabric
  • Do NOT place cold OraChill in direct contact with teeth or open wound
  • Seek medical attention if pain persists longer the 72 hours
  • OraChill is for temporary relief of minor oral, dental and maxillofacial inflammation/discomfort
  • OraChill is safe to use in conjunction with traditional pain relievers Please see additional terms & conditions here
  • Do NOT use OraChill in place of traditional dental anesthesia. NOT recommended for use within the ortho practitioner/patient relationship
  • Do NOT machine wash OraChill. Rinse only with cold running water and avoid detergents
  • Do NOT share OraChill
  • Do NOT expose OraChill to extreme heat or microwave
  • When handling OraChill grip, only the “W” shaped end cap with thumb and forefinger


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