How it Works

OraChill® is frozen in you home freezer and applied for a two minutes per mouthpiece directly to the labial sulci of the mouth to achieve a regional pain block through the local application of extreme cold to the nerves. By near freezing these nerve fibers, the sensory nerves temporarily stop transmitting pain impulses to the brain providing powerful drug-free pain relief. The onset of anesthesia is almost immediate and the process is repeated with 2 additional frozen mouthpieces as required for approximately 40 minutes of cryoanesthesia.

In 2007 an innovative device that relies on cold transfer cryogenic therapy resulting in a powerfully effective oral pain block coined "cryo-anesthesia" was approved by the FDA. Sold under the trade-named GumEase and registered a class 2 medical device, the revolutionary concept in narcotic free oral pain management represented a true breakthrough. GumEase was proven effective as a "stand alone" alternative to traditional dental anesthesia  and targeted to appeal exclusively to the ortho-practitioner dental/medical industry. GumEase was promoted heavily to the dentist for use on patients who suffer "needle phobias" or allergies to traditional anesthesia medicines used in modern dentistry for over 100 years.

Millions of dollars was invested in marketing the GumEase device between 2008-2010 directly to the dental community. While ultimately successful in earning the validation of the dentist as an effective anesthesia alternative, that support failed to translate into "purchase orders" from the targeted practitioner customer base and GumEase manufacturing came to halt in 2010.  

In 2015, entrepreneur Joey Santurro discovered the GumEase device and acquired the patent rights through a strategic partnership. The partners incorporated in the USA with objective to rebrand GumEase and  re-position as a "direct to consumer" oral pain management product. GumEase is now OraChill. Extensive improvements have been made to the new OraChill mouthpiece. Advanced TPE polymers, a streamlined manufacturing process and quality control standards commonplace with American made products. unlike GumEase, OraChill is available to anyone and everyone who suffer extreme oral pain. No longer is it necessary to visit your dentist to experience the diverse and proprietary benefits this amazing patented drug free pain relieving mouthpiece.

OraChill is now available. Every family in the USA should have OraChill on hand in their home freezer for powerful and safe oral, dental & maxillofacial pain.

GumEase Case Study Videos


BELOW: website promoting GumEase to the Ortho-Practitioner circa 2008