Originally developed in 2007 as GumEase and marketed to dentists, dental hygienists, oral surgeons and other medical practitioners, the gumEase cold transfer concept was clinically effective at providing pain relief for patients with needle phobias or had allergies to traditional anesthesia medicines. OraChill® is the same patented device but intended for use by anyone who suffer general oral pain and discomfort. The general consumer in pain is our target market. OraChill® has also been successful at reducing the pain associated with migraine and tension type headaches.

The original gumEase device successfully received United States FDA and Health Canada approvals, the CE Mark for distribution in Europe along with approval for use in Taiwan and Chile. OraChill is only available in and proudly made in the USA. Every American household should have OraChill® in the home freezer in case of dental emergencies.  Look for sub-brand OraChill® products coming soon. OraChill Junior (smaller mouthpiece for adolescents with braces and adults who prefer the comfort of a smaller size) & OraChill Migraine/TMJ which features custom tubing and extra mouthpiece to achieve a pain block higher up on the maxillofacial nerve cluster in the face which effect migraine and tension headaches along with TMJ discomfort.