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Patented Oral Cryotherapy 

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It’s like an ice pack for your mouth!

Oral Cryotherapy, the future of dental therapeutics. OraChill is available today, “over the counter” & direct to YOU, the consumer.

Listed below are the main sensory nerves that the OraChill® Mouthpiece will soothe when correctly placed in the upper/lower sulci or gumline of the mouth. The cold transfer therapeutics exclusive to OraChill disruption the transmission of electric pain signals en route to brain, from these nerves which signal our body to recognize, feel pain. A powerful, drug free oral pain block is achieved by intercepting these signals.

Braces relief with OraChill

The Maxilla (buccal):

1. Anterior superior nerves and its Alveolar branches-run in their canal and via the superior dental plexus (main area of branching) to the incisors, canines, premolars (pre-first molar) and first molar tooth.

Correct Placement

2. Superior dental plexus-situated in the bone above the roots of the teeth and formed by the superior Alveolar rami.
3. Superior dental branches-the branches for the individual roots of the teeth.
4. Posterior Superior Alveolar-divides into two branches and runs forward above the tooth sockets.  There it forms a plexus with the Superior Alveolar and dental branches to the upper first molar into the pre-molar, canine and incisor teeth.

The Mandible

1. Inferior Alveolar-the largest branch in the mandible with sensory components.  It courses through the body of the mandible giving branches to the lower teeth and gums.
2. Lingual-entirely sensory and descends to the Inferior Alveolar, sometimes joined to the Inferior Alveolar via a communicating twig.  OraChill provides proximal cryoanesthesia to the Lingual nerve.
How Orachill Works
3.  Inferior Dental Plexus/branches-found within the mandibular canal-giving rise to the rami for the mandibular teeth.
4. Mental-a sensory nerves exiting the Mental foramen below the second premolar tooth.  The Mental branches joined the labial branches to the lower teeth

Important Data

  • Each OraChill box contains 3 mouthpieces, which are totally re-usable.
  • OraChill is latex-free and DEHP-free. It has been FDA approved and successfully tested in patient trials.
  • Full instructions are included with the product.
  • Each OraChill mouthpiece is filled with a non-toxic saline-based solution.

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