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Listed below are the main sensory nerves that the OraChill® touches.  Note: In the mouth, and the furcation area, nerves can and do seek their own paths vis-à-vis the particular anatomy of the patient.


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The Maxilla (buccal):

1. Anterior superior nerves and its Alveolar branches-run in their canal and via the superior dental plexus (main area of branching) to the incisors, canines, premolars (pre-first molar) and first molar tooth.

Correct Placement

2. Superior dental plexus-situated in the bone above the roots of the teeth and formed by the superior Alveolar rami.
3. Superior dental branches-the branches for the individual roots of the teeth.
4. Posterior Superior Alveolar-divides into two branches and runs forward above the tooth sockets.  There it forms a plexus with the Superior Alveolar and dental branches to the upper first molar into the pre-molar, canine and incisor teeth.

The Mandible

1. Inferior Alveolar-the largest branch in the mandible with sensory components.  It courses through the body of the mandible giving branches to the lower teeth and gums.
2. Lingual-entirely sensory and descends to the Inferior Alveolar, sometimes joined to the Inferior Alveolar via a communicating twig.  OraChill provides proximal cryoanesthesia to the Lingual nerve.
How Orachill Works
3.  Inferior Dental Plexus/branches-found within the mandibular canal-giving rise to the rami for the mandibular teeth.
4. Mental-a sensory nerves exiting the Mental foramen below the second premolar tooth.  The Mental branches joined the labial branches to the lower teeth

Important Data

  • Each OraChill box contains 3 mouthpieces, which are totally re-usable.
  • OraChill is latex-free and DEHP-free. It has been FDA approved and successfully tested in patient trials.
  • Full instructions are included with the product.
  • Each OraChill mouthpiece is filled with a non-toxic saline-based solution.

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