Oral Cryotherapy 

Ice cold wellness products LLC introduces OraChill. The worlds first patented oral cryo-therapy mouthpiece proven effective at reducing oral, dental & maxillofacial pain. The “next generation” of GumEase, the first cryo-anesthestic dental device of its kind to be approved by the FDA. Originally used as a ‘Stand Alone” alternative to dental anesthesia, GumEase is now sold under the brand name OraChill exclusively as a general all purpose oral pain OTC (over the counter) apply “at home” therapeutic.

GumEase  Originally manufactured by Phillips Medisize at their Letterkenny Ireland facility in 2007-2010, the GumEase mouthpiece was marketed to the Practitioner for exclusive use as an “stand alone” alternative to traditional hypodermic injection delivered anesthesia medicines. The break through device popular with dental patients who suffer “needle phobias” at the dentist. GumEase use application of oral cryotherapy was a revolutionary breakthrough in clinically engineered medical device development. Registered with the FDA as class 2 medical device in 2007. Followed by additional international regulatory certifications clearing GumEase for sale in Canada and the EU via the FDA equivalent CE Mark. In 2014, the GumEase IP was acquired by Integrity Squared Product Development Group where production was brought to the USA. The revolutionary dental device known as GumEase was rebranded OraChill. Pivoting away from the ortho practitioner customer base, OraChill was repositioned as a direct to consumer product. Streamlined manufacturing and improved medical grade materials were implemented to improve the the efficacy, reduce costs to offer a far superior product from the first generation GumEase. OraChill is DEHP/latex free. Featuring domestically sourced medical grade PVC. Resulting in a biocompatible, high quality yet affordable product. Proudly made in the 🇺🇸 USA.

GumEase Retail Package: 2008

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