OraChill Junior


OraChill Junior is made to appeal specifically to adolescents with orthodontic braces and their parents. “Junior” is also available to adults who may prefer the comfort of a slightly smaller sized “cold transfer” mouthpiece than the original OraChill. OraChill Junior is the result of listening to our customer feedback and responding to meet their comfort needs when addressing extreme oral, dental and maxillofacial pain. Each pack of OraChill Junior includes (3) three individual “freeze at home” cryogenic mouthpieces. Simply store in the freezer and apply when needed for side effect free, reusable and powerfully effective pain relief.
Aside from being slightly smaller than OraChill, “Junior” comes in an assorted mix of bright, fun colors that kids will enjoy. Featuring the the same powerful narcotic free “cold transfer” therapeutics exclusive to the original patented OraChill which parents will appreciate….


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Featuring an assortment of “fun” colors