Use directions

OraChill 3 mouthpiece pack

Each box of OraChill contains 3 identical mouthpieces, in a re-sealable pouch. Place all 3 OraChill mouthpieces in the freezer for at least 6 hours or over night. The OraChill must be frozen before use.

When handling, hold only by the clear “W” shaped hinge. Carefully push OraChill back between your cheeks and gums – in front of the teeth and braces, avoiding direct contact with your teeth. Then spread OraChill apart as far as possible, to the top of your upper gums, and the bottom of your lower gums. Please note, you don’t put OraChill on your BRACES; you place it far into the tops and bottoms of your GUMS, where your facial nerves ending are located which transmit electric signals of pain to receptors in the brain.

Leave the OraChill mouthpiece in place for two minutes. Then, remove it and replace it with the second chilled OraChill mouthpiece. Leave in place for two minutes. Then, remove it and replace it with the third chilled OraChill mouthpiece. The entire process takes about 6 minutes.

Between uses, clean the OraChill mouthpieces with warm soapy water or a retainer cleaner such as Retainer Brite (using only warm water, not hot water), or wipe them with some Cleanse Freshen Go (towelettes or spray). Place back into the freezer to use again.

OraChill component parts are manufactured in the USA. It is a safe alternative for pregnant, drug-sensitive, cardiac, and other medically compromised people.